Patterns have always caught my eye – especially the ones with bold and strong colours.
My love for them, I suspect, will be life long.

I create with a variety of techniques, both on paper and digitally, but my favourite is hand drawn sketches
that I colour and repeat in Illustrator. I like vector graphics for the feeling it gives me of endless possibilities,
since you can always change it, improve it and make variations. My style is playful and colourful, and it became
even more so when my daughter was born last year. I live with her and her father, our dog and two cats in an
apartment in Stockholm. They all inspire me and helps me being creative, each in their own way.

My library of patterns and illustrations has grown big over the last years, and here I only display a small
part of them. They are all available for licensing. If you are looking for something particular or would like
a pattern in another colour or scale, please contact me. I create new stuff all the time so follow me
on Instagram @fossan_design for the most recent ones!

I would love to hear from you – either if it is about collaborations, licensing, fabric or clothes for sale
or if you just have questions about me and what I do.



About Fossan