Welcome to my webshop!

Here you can find organic jersey fabrics in great quality, and childrens clothing for sale.

I ship to EU for now, but will open up for more countries further on.

(The site is mostly in swedish)

Visit the Fossan Design shop here



I also have a Spoonflower shop.

Spoonflower prints any design you choose on base materials, including a wide range
of fabrics, as well as eco-friendly wallpaper and gift wrap.

Some favourite fabrics:



Minky is an incredibly plush, 100% polyester fabric that
is perfect for cuddling. Minky is ideal for blankets, quilt backings,
baby accessories, and cool weather apparel.

Linen Cotton Canvas
Sophisticated light-weight canvas woven from 55% linen
and 45% combed cotton. Appropriate for tablecloths,
tea towels, dresses, bags, and pillows.

Organic Cotton Interlock Knit
Natural-white interlock knit, made from very
soft 100% organic cotton. Appropriate for children
and adult apparel items, including t-shirts,
dresses, baby clothes, and more.

Always first order a test swatch. This is to ensure that you will be pleased with the size of the design
and colours on the material they are printed on, since they can differ from what you see on the screen.

Learn more about the fabrics, what they are best used for and how to take care of them here.

*Some fading can be expected when printed digitally, but can be minimized by using a gentle cool- or warm wash setting and only phosphate free detergent.


I am very flexible and if you would like one of my designs in a different size or colour, please let me know!